While looking for a job: public employment services

As an EU national looking for a job in another EU country, you are entitled to the same assistance from public employment services as nationals of the country.

Contact public employment services. Contact in Slovakia: www.eures.sk and www.upsvar.sk

In the workplace

As an EU national, you must be treated in exactly the same way as your colleagues who are nationals of your host country.

This covers:

  • Pay and other employment and working conditions
  • Health and safety at work
  • Access to training, vocational schools and retraining centres – for you and your children
  • Access to housing, including social housing or facilitated access to home ownership
  • Your right to join a trade union, vote and be elected to the administration or management posts of a union
  • Social and tax advantages
  • Dismissal, reinstatement after dismissal and re-employment

Employment Support

It assists labour market participants who are looking for work or changing jobs while also filling job vacancies through its system of measures and institutions. This pertains to employment service providers that assist and support job seekers, job applicants and employees through active labour market measures, namely:

  • job mediation,
  • professional counselling services,
  • job training and preparation, and
  • contributions.

Employment services are provided by:

  • state providers
    • Central Office of Labour, Social Affair and Family,
    • Local Labour Office, Social Affairs and Family,
  • non-state providers
    • legal entities and natural persons carrying out job mediation for a fee must have a licence for such activities issued pursuant to the Trade Licensing Act,
    • temporary employment agencies employ persons on a temporary basis according to the needs of employers,
    • sheltered employment agencies provide employment services to the disabled, the long-term unemployed and their potential employers.

EU citizens and residents who want to work and who are looking for work may request to be registered in the Job Seekers Register at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. It is the right, but not the obligation of every citizen to be registered as a job seeker.

More information about registration and help

information about registration and help

A third country national has the same rights to the use of employment services as any citizen of the Slovak Republic if:

  • they have been granted a work permit and a temporary residence permit for employment purposes,
  • they are holders of an EU Blue Card,
  • they are an asylum seeker whose entry in the labour market is permitted by the Act No. 480/2002 on Asylum.

More information about employment of foreigners

The Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family implements active labour market measures targeted on the support of job creation and sustenance and the development of local and regional employment. Assistance is provided in the form of the following contributions.

Contributions Provided to Employers

  • Work preparation and training of employees
  • Contribution to support the employment of disadvantaged job seekers
  • Contribution to support job retention
  • Contribution for commuting to work

Contributions to Support the Employment of Persons with Disabilities

  • Contribution for establishing a sheltered workshop or workplace
  • Contribution for retaining the employment of a person with a disability
  • Contribution for activities of an assistant at work
  • Contribution to cover the operating costs of a sheltered workshop or workplace and transportation costs of employees

Contributions Provided to Local Governments

  • Contribution to support the development of local and regional employment
  • Contribution for activation programmes in the form of minor services for the municipality or self-governing region


Labour relations

Labour relations are regulated by several legislative norms through which the government strives to create a society based on quality employee-employer relations.

The Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic strives to adopt fundamental measures concerning labour relations that will win support with the majority of the population. Their implementation is preceded by broad expert discussion in which representatives of social partners (government, employers and trade unions) are the main participants.

The Labour Code regulates the legal status of employees in the private sphere. Pursuant to the Labour Code, everyone has the right to work and to the free choice of employment, to fair and satisfying working conditions and to protection against arbitrary dismissal. Every employee has these rights without restriction or discrimination.

Pursuant to the Labour Code, the employer is entitled to the free selection of employees. The employer determines the conditions and methods for the implementation of this right, unless otherwise stipulated by this Act, special regulations or any international treaty to which the Slovak Republic is bound.

Labour Code of Slovak Republic (.PDF)