The role of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic is to ensure a peaceful future for all. It designs legislation concerning social insurance and pensions to protect a large part of the population from the risks in life while also ensuring the just redistribution of pensions in the national economy.

The Section of Social Insurance and Pension Saving of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic administers a set of goals, instruments and methods which ensures income for the economically inactive population. The pension scheme concerns every one of us, but various benefits and obligations resulting from it are provided to individual groups of the population in various stages of their lives.

Social Insurance

Social insurance serves to protect people in various situations (such as motherhood or the temporary inability to work due to illness). The obligation to contribute to social insurance is a legal obligation.

The social insurance system consists of five separate insurance systems that are carried out by the Social Insurance Agency:

  • sickness insurance,
  • pension insurance – old age and disability insurance,
  • accident insurance (Insurance for Industrial and Work-related Injuries),
  • wage-guarantee insurance and
  • unemployment insurance.

However, a system of voluntary insurance also exists in addition to the mandatory insurance:

  • sickness insurance,
  • pension insurance and
  • unemployment insurance.

The philosophy of the legislation concerning the social insurance system is based on a combination of the merit principle, the personal responsibility principle and the personal participation principle of the insured in the creation of resources and an adequate degree of solidarity.

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