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Strategy for Gender Equality 2014-2019

National strategy for gender equality and the National plan for gender equality for years 2014-2019 On July 9th 2014 the Government of the Slovak republic adopted the evaluation of the implementation of theNational Action Plan for Gender Equality 2010-2013 by Resolution No. 335/2014 whereby creation of the national gender equality strategy and Action Plan for Gender …

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Strategy for Gender Equality 2009-2013

NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR GENDER EQUALITY FOR THE YEARS 2009–2013 Gender equality is of fundamental importance for a democratic and socially just society. Current social processes intended to strengthen gender equality have established the need for a new type of strategic material. The National Strategy for Gender Equality for the years 2009–2013 (hereinafter referred to as …

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National Action Plan

National Action Plan for Gender Equality 2010–2013 The National Action Plan for Gender Equality 2010–2013 (the Plan) is the implementation document for the Nation Strategy for Gender Equality 2010–2013 (the Strategy). The government of the Slovak Republic adopted the Strategy on 8 April 2009 in Government Resolution 272/2009 as its basic programming document for implementing …

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Violence against women

Violence against women is the most extreme violation of women’s human rights.  Although high levels of violence against women have been detected, it remains a phenomenon that is hard to observe, not only in Slovakia but throughout Europe and on the global scale. The majority of violent crimes against women take place in the home, …

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5th and 6th PERIODIC REPORT OF SLOVAKIA TO CEDAW BEIJING DECLARATION AND PLATFORM FOR ACTION (1995) IN THE CONTEXT OF THE TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOURTH WORLD CONFERENCE ON WOMEN – REVIEW FOR SLOVAKIA Report on the social situation of the population of Slovak Republic for 2012 (.PDF) Slovakia 2013 – Summary (EN) country report …

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