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National Action Plan

National Action Plan for Gender Equality 2010–2013

The National Action Plan for Gender Equality 2010–2013 (the Plan) is the implementation document for the Nation Strategy for Gender Equality 2010–2013 (the Strategy). The government of the Slovak Republic adopted the Strategy on 8 April 2009 in Government Resolution 272/2009 as its basic programming document for implementing a policy of gender equality. The Strategy is a platform for consensus in activities for the implementation of gender equality to 2013.

The content of the Plan is based on the Strategy and covers the four areas defined in the Strategy:

  • the economic, business social and medical sectors;
  • the family and state family policy;
  • public and political life, participation and representation;
  • research, education, schools, media and culture.

The Plan emphasises that the most important negative effect of gender inequality in these areas is discrimination against women. The Plan has been developed on the basis of an assessment of documents previously adopted by the government: the National Action Plan for Women and the Concept of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.

National Action Plan for Gender Equality 2010–2013