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Jan 12

National strategy for gender equality and the National plan for gender equality for years 2014-2019

National strategy for gender equality and the National plan for gender equality for years 2014-2019 On July 9th 2014 the Government of the Slovak republic adopted the evaluation of the implementation of the National Action Plan for Gender Equality 2010-2013 by Resolution No. 335/2014 whereby creation of the national gender equality strategy and Action Plan …

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Jun 28

Labour ministry says gender pay gap narrows significantly

Slovak Spectator / Although a gender salary gap persists in Slovakia at about 20 percent, the gap has decreased by one-fifth in the past five years, states a document drafted by the Labour Ministry and approved by the government on June 27, the TASR newswire reported. The document states that even though women have very good …

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May 21

Earnings gap for women is 20.7 pct

Slovak Spectator / SLOVAK women must work three months longer in a year to make the same pay as men. Oľga Pietruchová of the gender equality office of the Labour Ministry told the TASR newswire that the average difference in the hourly pay of men and women in Slovakia is 20.7 percent as compared to …

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Mar 26

Improving the status of women in business

Slovak Spectator / Radka Minarechová & Roman Cuprik/ THE EUROPEAN Union has been working on a plan to pave the way for more women to take managerial positions in top companies Europe-wide, since only 13.7 percent of top managers sitting on the boards of firms in 2011 were women. Compared to 2010 the number rose …

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Mar 14

Eurobarometer: Idea of gender quotas not supported by women

Slovak Spectator / The introduction of quotas for women to allow them to participate in public life more actively has low support among women themselves, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey. The survey was conducted in all 27 EU member states over the past few weeks, and presentation of the results marked last week’s 100th …

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Feb 07

Bringing everyone inside

INCLUSION is one of the words that surfaces often during discussion with Trine Skymoen whenever she is asked to talk about the best traditions of her homeland. The Norwegian ambassador to Slovakia says that Norway is able to sit atop various human development indices because the Nordic social model is characterised by pulling all people …

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