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Committee for GE

The Committee is a permanent expert body of the Council of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Human Rights, National Minorities and Gender Equality (hereinafter “the Board”) on issues related to gender equality and for the Implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), other international conventions imposing an obligation to eliminate discrimination of sex and gender and European Union legislation in this area. The committee acts as a consultative body on matters of gender equality under the Constitution of the Slovak Republic. Members of the Committee are from public institutions and civic society, the perticipation ob both sectors is in parity (30 members from both sectors).

The Committee, in particular:

a) empowers the incentives to increase the level of support, protection and respect for the right to equal treatment on grounds of sex and gender in accordance with the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak Republic’s international obligations and the obligations of membership in the European Union, laws and other generally binding regulations ,

b) participates in the preparation of reports for monitoring mechanisms of international treaties on human rights and rights to equal treatment in terms of sex and gender,

c) prepares proposals for systemic measures to improve respect for human rights and rights to equal treatment in terms of sex and gender,

d) provides gender analysis, advices and draft opinions on draft laws, as well as other non-legislative measures that may have an impact on the protection of and respect for the rights to equal treatment in terms of sex and gender; draft resolution presented at the meeting of the Council Agent / Representative Committee,

e) monitors the implementation of strategies and action plans on gender equality and shall provide expertise for implementation,

f) the rights to equal treatment in terms of sex and gender acts as an inter-ministerial body and cooperates with the ministries and other central government bodies, social partners, local authorities, higher territorial units, local government bodies, non-governmental organizations, research institutes and academic institutions,

g) each year in collaboration with the Department of Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter the “Ministry”), the Institute for Labour and Family Research and Slovak National Centre for Human Rights, labor inspection bodies shall draw up an evaluation report on state of gender equality in Slovakia by the Council.