Sep 09

„Work-Life Balance in a Changing Society“ Slovak Presidency Conference

Balancing work, family and private life is a prerequisite for a higher participation of women in the labour market and their economic independence; with this in mind, the presidency conference held in Bratislava will be dedicated to the reconciliation of work, family and private life in the changing society.

Having said that, the primary aim of the presidency conference is to address the pressing issue of balancing work, personal life and family-related responsibilities under the changing models of work organisation and new labour market-related demands and trends. Conference proceedings are avaiable here.

While fully recognising the challenges in the field of reconciliation stemming also from the digitalization and population ageing, the expert conference will feed in the discussion on the ways how to properly respond to the above-mentioned changes when updating EU and national policy framework.

The presidency set out to discuss and further elaborate on Commission´s new roadmap document <a href="http://ec.europa.eu/smart-regulation/roadmaps/docs/2015